Engineering and Land Survey

Liew Contracts produces accurate and detailed land survey for both large and small scale topographic, which is crucial for design purposes. The survey works we undertake record the size of parcels of land, the location and elevation of existing structures and features that may affect the design. The information obtained is submitted digitally through AutoCAD format to enable seamless design integration.

Liew Contracts provides land surveys that can be used settling land disputes in land disputes, as well as measuring the size of land for development purposes making sure that the land can physically fir the proposed developments.

We are at the forefront in implementing the design onto the ground and fine tune the design into workable process during construction, making sure that construction totally reflects the design. At the end of the construction we document and record all as-built information for achieving and produce healthy and safety file.

Liew Contracts provides the following services to Land Surveys

► Land Surveys

► As-built Surveys

► Boundary dispute resolution and           expert witness reports

► Infrastructure Surveys

► Measured Building Surveys

► Topographical Surveys both small        and large scale